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wordaholic #1: 

She has been working as a bilingual copywriter, translator and editor for over a decade now, either as a freelancer or as member of a creative department. In the past, she worked in diverse industries, mostly in Corporate Communications, but also in Human Resources and Project Management and has strong insight and hands-on experience in various areas of the business environment.

As she is inherently creative, she is always inspired to produce inviting and memorable copy. To date, she has produced authentic content for magazines, print ads, brochures, advertorials, websites & blogs, catalogs, menus, leaflets, banners, newsletters, articles, music bios, etc. She is a keen generator of slogans, headlines, taglines, domain names, product naming, and other types of work that call for engaging creative writing. Her work portfolio also includes heavy line editing and translation of a number of books. She is a published lyricist and a children's poetry writer.

wordaholic #2: 

He has been working as a freelance writer, translator and editor for over a decade. He started off as a sound engineer for major radio stations, and went on editing and finalizing stage soundtracks for Edafos Dance Theatre productions from 1991 to 2000. His technical work includes also audio transfers for various audio projects and video art productions and co-mastering international dance compilations.

Time and again, he has written and published articles, short stories and poems either online or in print. For several years, he wrote for fanzines, magazines and other print publications, as part of the editorial teams. Through his cooperation with many publishing houses, his work portfolio to date lists an impressive number of magazine issues, fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, trade magazines, periodicals, private publications, encyclopedias, dictionaries, traveling guides and maps, among others. He too is a published lyricist and a poet.